Fun with Microsoft Windows Media Center


Below you will find links to my released versions of the tool

See release notes here

Program name Version Released Download link
MCImportXMLTV for Windows 7  and 8.1 Media Center V1.6d 22-01-2017 Download [Downloads: 1474]
MCImportXMLTV for Windows 8.1/7 V1.6b 16-01-2016 Download [Downloads: 817]
MCImportXMLTV for Windows 8.1/7 V1.6a 13-11-2015 Download [Downloads: 585]
MCImportXMLTV for Windows 8.1/7 v1.5a 17-09-2013 Download [Downloads: 864]
MCImportXMLTV for Windows 8.0/7
This is the only version that will support Windows 8.0
v1.5a 06-05-2013 Download [Downloads: 414]

Old versions 

Program navn Version Download link
MCImportXMLTV v1.4s Download [Downloads: 421]
  v1.4r Download [Downloads: 391]
  v1.4q Download [Downloads: 352]
  v1.4o Download [Downloads: 423]
  v1.4n Download [Downloads: 373]
  v1.4m Download [Downloads: 552]
  v1.4l Download [Downloads: 489]
  v1.4k Download [Downloads: 0]

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