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eNotes for Windows Phone 8

Release notes


Possibility to rebuild local database, some of the app crashes seems to be releated to DB problems.
Fixed bug on app resume during edit note.
Fixed bug not able to edit note after adding new note
Added some more missing language translation for Danish


Misc bug fixes and now with native 8.1 version


Minor fixes


Saves state if you are writing new note and you goto another app
Background image option
You can now again choose to use the more friendly Textbox control, and only use the IE Editor if note has more lines then 46 lines

v1.0.1.2 (Never released to public)

Fixed issue on new note where enter gave double linefeed
Added menu option to copy all text to clipboard
Fixed issue where it was not possible to select multiple lines in note text


Fixed issues with iCloud web based notes
Now uses Webbrowser control so sizes of notes are solved now. But remember this is not a work processing tool
Some cosmetic errors corrected
Trial version now implemented
Some app crashes fixed


Expanded notes field to max, 4000 chars instead of 2000 chars
Added additional info for iCloud to use the account
Removed <span> html tages from a note if they exist, so they are not displayed

v1.0.0.0  Released 22/10-2013


About eNotes

Ever missed a application on your Windows Phone 8, that could bring the Apple Notes data to your phone, since your wife uses this application for shopping lists etc.

Well that is now possible with eNotes.
It will come in two versions, a version without commercials that will cost some money, and later a free version with commercials will be added to the store.

Feedback welcome

Any feedback are welcome on the app’s homepage, please also give positive reviews, so not only negative reviews are there.

Please note special info about iCloud setup

Apple’s IMAP server does only accept your account, if your primary iCloud email account does NOT end on, then you also have

an alternate iCloud email address, that ends on, use this as your logon name.

If you do not know it you can find it by going to the Apple ID config page

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