Ever missed a application on your Windows Phone 8, that could bring the Apple Notes data to your phone, since your wife uses this application for shopping lists etc.

Well that is now possible with eNotes.

Use the "Try" feature of the store to test it yourself before buying it.

Feedback welcome

Any feedback are welcome on the app’s homepage, please also give positive reviews, so not only negative reviews are there.


Please note special info about iCloud setup

Apple’s IMAP server does only accept your @me.com account, if your primary iCloud email account does NOT end on @me.com, then you also have

an alternate iCloud email address, that ends on @me.com, use this as your logon name.

If you do not know it you can find it by going to the Apple ID config page https://appleid.apple.com

App crash

If you expirence the app is crashing, it could be a DB problem on the phone, please try and uninstall app and install Again to recreate db.

Windows Phone 8.1 support

Version and upwards are built on the 8.1 SDK also.