The new code is now so stable I dare to release it as a stable version.
I admit the documentation is not upto date yet, when I find some extra hours in my sparse spare time I will update it.

But here is a mini guide

To use the new program with


1. If you have used before and MCImportXMLTV v1.5a, then download v1.6a and install on top of old version

2. In Windows Media Center goto Settings –> Tv –> TV Guide –> Edit Channels –> Restore to default (Gendan standards)

3. In the MCImportXMLTV GUI Choose below “Tools” tab to delete all and start from scratch

4. Use the “Preset” button to select the country EPG needed

5. Press the “Fetch Data” to load the list of channels

6. Configure channels you want to import into media center, and assign it to MCE channels if you do not want to do that in Media Center directly

7. Press the “Import from saved XMLTV file” button and your new data is inside Windows Media Center

8. If you want the program to run every night got the tools tab and create a task at the wanted time

9. If you did not let my tool assign the channels then do it in Media Center now


Have fun Smiley

BTW: The program still supports also if you want to continue until your subscription ends. You can upgrade from 1.5a to 1.6a without any changes otherwise.


Also the program can accept many other XMLTV files as input, like WebGrab+ files etc. Options are there to run a external EPG grabber if this is needed.