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MCImportXMLTV (XMLTV–>MXF Konverter)

Welcome to my website. Please note some of this site is in Danish, if you want to read it and do not understand Danish, i recommend google translate Smiley

This program was created to get the most out of the XMLTV feed via TIMEFOR.TV, but it has also been tested using other feed than TIMEFOR.TV, but I do not know of other suppliers who can provide these types of data in Denmark.
An annual TIMEFOR.TV Pro subscription costs about DKK 90

I have tried to optimize this program to the data from TIMEFOR.TV, so other XMLTV files might not give the same result. 

If enabled the program can add additional info to the XMLTV datafrom serveral sources, it can use for series to add pictures and season info and also star ratings. The same with movies, here is can use infomation from to enrich the XMLTV data. Please note if using TIMEFOR.TV a lot of images are included in the XMLTV data, and you might choose to use those instead of using those extra services, since they slow down the conversion a lot.

TIMEFOR.TV also supplies actor info and this program will use these data so you can use the search feature in Media Center to look for show by a given actor.

It also based on the title and subtitle text tries to add additional categories and meta data so the searching is enhanched even more. It also has a DK/UK text parser that from the freetext can enrich the meta data even more.

TIMEFOR.TV add logo’s to XMLTV feed, those logo’s can be sent directly into Media Center, and will be used by other 3rd party apps as well, like Remote Potato client apps etc. You can also add your own logo’s instead if you want.

The configuration user interface has a tools page, where a scheduled job can be configured to perform a nightly load of data in Windows Media Center automatically, it will even wake you system if needed (Feature by Task Scheduler).

I have used the MXF document from Microsoft to create the resulting MXF output that is loaded into Windows Media Center.
If anyone is interested in the documentation, the link is here.

The configuration GUI is pretty loaded with features, but I recommend to stick to defaults I have set, this is also the features that is tested the most everytime I built a new version


The program UI supports Danish and English user interface

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